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Generation Challenge Jacques Bodart

On 29/01/2023

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 Performances of the BWS at the Generation Challenge Jacques Bodart 2022

And it's a wrap for 2022 ! 

Yesterday the club took part in the Jacques Bodart memorial in Seraing.
Not only did our teams place 1st, 3d and 6th, but everybody lifted well and as a result there were many PRs:

  • Mathilde lifted new snatch and total PRs with 45 + 58
  • FX lifted all new competition PRs with 85 + 101
  • Cristina lifted a 138 total, adding 1kg to her best total from 2 weeks ago
  • Melissa set new snatch and total PRs with 56 and 68 
  • Erik set a new snatch competition PR with 83
  • Pablo set a new clean and jerk record at 142 just two weeks after nationals 

Congrats to everybody ! Now we will be busy building a base towards our first club competition of the year in January.