BRUSSELS WEIGHTLIFTING SCHOOL Weightlifting, powerlifting and physical preparation school in Ixelles/Watermael-Boitsfort

Strength & mobility

Want to get stronger and more mobile, but don't know where to start?

Our course for beginners of all ages teaches you basic strength training movements and improves your mobility.

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Our goal

The BWS (Brussels Weightlifting School) is a weightlifting school located in Watermael-Boitsfort (Brussels),  member of the LFPH, and its goal is to:

Initiate to weightlifting and powerlifting

Train competitive weightlifters and powerlifters

Train coaches of various sports to the practice of weightlifting for physical preparation

Allow everyone, regardless of age, to improve their physical condition

Ensure the physical preparation of all types of athletes


Our classes

Adult classes 

Strength & Mobility

Adult classes 

Private classes


Kids classes 

Youth school


Kids classes 

Holiday camp


Who are we ?

Anna Vanbellinghen, weightlifter and High Level Athlete under ADEPS contract with an impressive track record (11th at the Tokyo Olympics, 7th at the 2021 World Championships, several times gold and silver medallist at the European Senior and U23 Championships), Marianne Saarhelo weightlifter of the Finnish federation, several times Finnish champion, silver medalist of the Roma 2020 World Cup, 1st of group B at the 2019 European Championships, as well as Dirk Verreycken are ready to provide you with quality coaching and precise follow-up, as well as personalized training programs and private lessons. Adrien Dubus also provides physiotherapy and osteopathy services.

Anna Vanbellinghen is also a certified ADEPS (level 2) instructor, and Dirk Verreycken is a certified Sport Vlaanderen instructor (level 1).

We speak English, French, Dutch, Finnish and Russian.


Our team


Weightlifting: a sport for everyone

Contrary to popular belief, weightlifting is a sport for everyone, regardless of your age or gender. This sport strengthens your muscle chains, improves your bone density, your flexibility, your explosiveness, your speed and, of course, your strength. It is, as such, practiced by many athletes from volleyball, basketball, tennis, judo, etc. to help them in their sport.

And contrary to preconceived ideas, weightlifting is also beneficial for children and teenagers, as long as they are mature enough to focus and follow exercise instructions. 

You can read this article or watch this video to learn more.