BRUSSELS WEIGHTLIFTING SCHOOL Weightlifting, powerlifting and physical preparation school in Ixelles/Watermael-Boitsfort

Ethics and safe-sport within BWS

Your obligations as a member

All of our members must follow the anti-doping rules, as well as the following regulations:

Report a transgressive behaviour

What is transgressive behaviour?

Behaviour is transgressive if your personal boundary has been crossed, even if it was not intentional. Possible forms of transgressive behavior are:

  • bullying: violating dignity, creating an abusive environment, abuse of power, intimidation
  • aggression: both physical and verbal
  • unwanted sexual behaviour: verbal, non-verbal or physical
  • discrimination: being treated unequally, being  disadvantaged or excluded


Where can you go?

As a pilot project, our club has set up an internal reporting method for transgressive behaviour. It has a low threshold and is open to any report (anonymous or not), for both victims and witnesses.


How does the procedure work?

This can be done anonymously or personally, and you can indicate whether or not you want to be contacted.

Each report is reviewed and treated discreetly and confidentially.

We initially offer a listening ear. You decide what you tell and how you want to tell your story. Sometimes it is enough to vent, sometimes a more extensive conversation is desirable.

Together with you we look at the next steps. We go over the possibilities for further follow-up and support. Even if you only want to make a report and do not (yet) want any further follow-up, you can contact us. We never take action without your permission.


Make a report

Additionnaly, ADEPS informs you of the emergency numbers to call in case you observe or are yourself a victim of abuse, sexual violence, attempted radicalism, competition manipulation, or any other unacceptable act. Go to this link: ADEPS emergency numbers.