BRUSSELS WEIGHTLIFTING SCHOOL Weightlifting, powerlifting and physical preparation school in Ixelles/Watermael-Boitsfort

Our team

Head of coaching and programming

High level sportswoman under contract and certified ADEPS Instructor-educator 
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Finnish professional weightlifter

World and European Championships 

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Assistant coach

Sport Vlaanderen certified Instructor-Initiator.

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Physiotherapist and osteopath 

Founding member of BWS

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Personal trainer

Specialized in mobility, strength and flexibility

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Kids coach

ADEPS certified Instructor-Initiator.

Isabelle Genot - Master 60 - Gold medals at the 2022 and 2023 European Masters Championships, gold medal at the 2023 World Championships. Silver medalist at the 2021 European Master Championships. She achieves her best total of 42 and 58 at the interclub in Seraing in March 2023.

Alea Fairchild - born on June 28, 1964 - Master 55 regularly medalist at the European Masters Championships - Gold medalist at the Asia Pacific Games 2018 - recordwoman of her age category

And many others. You can find more information on our Blog.


Brussels Weightlifting School also has many official FRBPH referees in its ranks:

Anna Vanbellinghen

Isabelle Genot

Alea Fairchild 

Dirck Verreycken

Martijn Verhagen

Mathilde Denayer

Michael Verbeken

Melissa Claudio

Cristina Celaya Ferrer

Lisa Vuylsteker

Official weightlifting referee Belgium

Management comittee

President: Anna Vanbellinghen

Secretary: Isabelle Genot

Treasurer: Isabelle Genot

Head of Coaching & Programming: Anna Vanbellinghen

Marketing & Communication: Mathilde Denayer

Strategy Officer: Dirk Verreycken

Statistics Officer: Michael Verbeken

Référent éthique : Dirk Verreycken