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3d round of Weightlifting Interclubs

On 20/04/2023

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Performances of the BWS during the last round of Interclubs

It was a first competition for Elodie & Yonghao. Congrats to both of them for very confident first appearances on the platform !

Among other results of the day:

  • Morgan added 5kg to his best total
  • Thomas set a new snatch record and qualified for masters worlds in -73 category
  • Micah added a kilo on both her best competition lifts
  • Louis added a kg to his best comp snatch (more to come no doubt!)
  • Poppy matched her snatch competition record with 75 kg
  • And last but not least, Cristina added 3kg to her clean & jerk, confirming that squat jerking is not just a flex 

Seppe set a new Belgian record in the clean and jerk (150kg) in the -109kg Senior category and Morgan is the new LFPH record holder in the snatch (104kg) in the -89kg Master 35 category.

Congrats everybody ! We are off to the finals !


Find the detailed results of this third round here.

Preliminary rankings

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