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LFPH Championship

On 28/09/2023

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Results of the 2023 Belgian Francophone Weightlifting Championships.

Last Sunday we were in Fléron for the 2023 league championship. Despite the heat, many lifters managed to lift PRs:

  • @bws.dirk totalled 250 with a new competition snatch PR
  • Mathilde qualified for nationals with a new total PR 
  • @lift.n.stretch added 3kg to her official total with PRs in both lifts
  • Friedhelm joined us for his first comp in order to qualify for masters nationals
  • Suzie PRd her total and clean and jerk 
  • Louis took risks in order to qualify for junior nationals, and although it didn't pay off this time he added 7kg to his official total
  • Dimitra and Elodie were on a mission to qualify for nationals and although they didn't quite make it, they are both coming home with total PRs
  • Melissa made it into the 60kg snatch club and PRd her total as well
  • Willem joined us for his first competition as well
  • @poppy_mroz did her first official 100kg clean and jerk 

The heat did a number on many athletes, but they all fought hard and we are so proud !