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European Master Championships

On 29/05/2023

Results of our athletes at the 2023 European Masters Championships in Waterford (Ireland)

Recap of the 2023 European Masters Championships in Waterford (Ireland) ! For some it was a first rodeo and for some just another comp in the books. Everyone did their best and fought until the last bar slam. 

Our ladies Alea and Isabelle warmed up the platform with the following results:

  • Alea: 38 snatch 48 clean and jerk for a bronze medal. 
  • Isabelle: 39 snatch 56 clean and jerk  for a gold medal.

Then our gentlemen to finish up the amazing trip:

  • Thoma: 88 snatch 113 clean and jerk
  • Podge: 94 snatch 122 clean and jerk
  • Dirk: 105 snatch 137 clean and jerk
  • Saleh: 105 snatch 139 clean and jerk

Thanks for all who came to help and cheer for our athletes towards their best! 

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Dirk and saleh
Podium bronze alea

2023 Europeans