BRUSSELS WEIGHTLIFTING SCHOOL Weightlifting, powerlifting and physical preparation school in Ixelles/Watermael-Boitsfort

Lisa Vuylsteker

Sports coach specialized in mobility, strength and flexibility

For the past 7 years, Lisa has been practicing strength training, callisthenics and weightlifting. She has a French state diploma in bodybuilding and weightlifting, and specializes in the development of mobility, strength and flexibility for all types of people:

Beginners, wishing to feel stronger, and freer of their body in the activities of everyday life

  • People with posture problems, back pain, neck pain, knee pain...
  • Athletes who need to develop their mobility/flexibility in order to perform
  • Anyone who wants to develop an athletic, strong, flexible and mobile body

The follow-up she offers can meet the following objectives:

  • Learning basic bodybuilding movements
  • Strengthening of postural muscles (addressing back and neck pain, posture correction)
  • Development of specific flexibility to improve sports performance
  • Rehabilitation following an injury
Lisa Vuylsteker Lift.n.stretch Coach sportive spécialisée en force mobilité et souplesse

Training program only*

45 €/month

Package 1

1 coaching session/week + Program

150 €/month

Package 2

2 coaching session/week + Program

240 €/month

1 session

40 €

Pack of 5 sessions

175 €

Pack of 10 sessions

300 €

*Personalized program according to objectives and availabilities.

  • Updated every week
  • Feedback based on video submissions


You have questions or you are interested in a session with Lisa? Contact her via the form below.


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