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2021: News and results

Belgian National Championships of 2021

Here are some of the best lifts from this year's BWS delegation in the Belgian National Championships:

Amber added 6kg to her official clean and jerk personal record.
Dirk didn't quite show what he was capable of but took the silver medal in the 96kg category.
Martijn added 1kg to his official snatch record.
Josef Kolar once again dazzled the crowd with his 145+170 performance.
Mélanie finally broke the 50kg mark on an official platform.
Cristina went 6/6 for 59+73, getting ever closer to her best marks.

Overall it was one gold medal and one silver medal for the team, with Josef Kolar topping the men's overall table, Anna Vanbellinghen taking second place and Marianne Saarhelo third place in the women's division. It was our biggest team at nationals yet and we can't wait to see what the next few years will bring. Good work everyone !


Belgian Junior and Master national championships & Jacques Bodart Memorial

10 members of BWS were lifting this saturday 6 november, in the junior and masters national championship & Jacques Bodart Memorial. They came back with plenty of hardware and titles but most importantly a lot of PRs. 

Among the most remarkable lifts of the day were:
Antoine who made a do or die last clean and jerk attempt to qualify for the nationals in his first competition. His second attempt was red lighted for pressout but we put an extra 7kg and he delivered.
Josef Kolar who was more a guest of honor for us, showed off his squat jerking skills with this 175 CJ.
Isabelle Genot who set a new Belgian master record with this 52kg CJ.
Michael added a kg to his CJ and broke the 110 mark (still not full clean though).
Erik made a 93kg CJ for a new competition PR after missing 90 on his second attempt.

The preparation continues towards new and bigger challenges, see you in 3 weeks for the senior nationals !

European Masters Championships, Alkmaar (Netherlands)

On October 17th, two of our members represented Belgium in the European Masters Championships in Alkmaar (Netherlands).

Alea Fairchild, won the gold medal in the category W55, with a total of 76kg (36 in the snatch and a 49 in the clean and jerk).

And Isabelle Genot, who was competing for the first time in an international competition, won silver (in W60, 81kg) with a 38 in the snatch and 50 in the clean and jerk, both new competition records. Congratulations ladies!

Anna Vanbellinghen in the Tokyo Olympic Games

Anna Vanbellinghen was lifting in the 87kg class in Tokyo! Amazing competition and amazing 11th place with a 96 kg snatch and a 123kg clean and jerk. You can be sure we'll be celebrating this even more when she comes back.