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BWS Open - 5 year anniversary of Brussels Weightlifting School

On 08/01/2023

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Results of the BWS Open

This edition of our summer club competition marked the fifth anniversary of the club, so we decided to make it an official one. We were so grateful to have lifters from all over the country gathering in our small gym for a day of lifting and we could definitely not have hoped for a better anniversary day.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all the people in and outside the club who showed up to help on this special day, to Christelle Baudrie for the amazing pictures she took, and of course to all our lifters.The strength of any club is its people and we feel immensely grateful at the group we've managed to gather around this sport over the years. Thank you !!!

A quick recap of the lifters who did particularly well :

  • Saleh beat all his competition PRs with this 107 - 138 performance that brought him 2nd place overall.
  • Mathilde went 6/6 and added 4kg to her total, lifting all new competition records.
  • Thomas also beat all his competition PRs with 83 and 110.
  • Erik added a kg to his snatch PR.
  • Morgan concluded this part of the season with a beautiful 99kg snatch that he had been chasing for a while.

We also had Ukrainian lifter Danil CHINYAKOV, although his day didn't quite go as planned he did end up winning the overall by a landslide.

You can find the full results below:


BWS Open Men podium
BWS Open Women podium
BWS Open_Anna Vanbellinghen_Marianne Saarhelo_Melissa
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BWS Open Saleh