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World Masters Championships

On 28/09/2023

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Results of the BWS athletes at the 2023 World Masters Weightlifting Championships in Poland.

Our two girls both won a medal. Isabelle won gold in the W60 81kg class with a 96kg total, and Alea won silver in the W55 76kg class with a 89kg total. 

Our boys didn't win any medals but still did very well. 

  • Tommi made 79 and 118 for 197 total, and it was his first international competiton
  • Thomas made 92 and 120 (PR) for a 212 total (PR)
  • Dirk made 106 and 135 for a 241 total
  • Saleh made 107 and 139 for a 246 total (PR)

Congratulations to all !


2023 BWS World Championships